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Scalability: The Big WOW for Your Business Sale

Sell-ability 101 – Part 2 What is a scalable business? A scalable business is a business which “increased revenues cost less to deliver than current revenues,” according to Briefing.com. According to Inc. Magazine’s John Warrillow, scalability also applies to your time. “If you operate a scalable business, you don’t have to do all the work….

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Creating the Greatest Value for Your Business Sale

Sell-ability 101 – Part 1 Is your business fit to sell? Your first answer is OF COURSE, but on a closer look will a ready, willing, and financially capable buyer agree? Here are some questions to ask yourself and depending on your answers may require your attention. 1. What percentage of the key client relationships…

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Curb Appeal is Important when Selling an Accounting Practice

Since we all know there is a range of multiples, which CPA’s and Accountants sell, what determines where in the range a practice will sell?  While the largest factor is the cash flow margin, it is not the only reason certain firms sell at a higher multiple than others.  Curb appeal matters! When we refer…

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