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Ryan Gipple, Accounting Practice Sales

CPA & Accounting Practice Sale Experts Experience The Berkshire Difference

Berkshire Business Sales & Acquisitions was founded by Ryan Gipple, an award winning business intermediary who has had success with the sales of CPA Practices, Accounting Firms, and other businesses in the Phoenix Arizona market.

Berkshire began with a vision for something better.  It’s a vision shared by many who have purchased, operated or sold a business.  Berkshire’s vision of quality planning, thorough evaluation, and superior presentation methods will help business owners create and achieve customized business exit.

Most entrepreneurs want to sell their business knowing it will remain strong and leave a legacy for the future.  They desire fair compensation for their years of hard work and dedication.   A business is likely the largest single asset that one will ever acquire or sell.  A successful sale and transition can mean realizing retirement dreams or it can provide capital for the next business venture.   Yet, entrepreneurs have few choices when it comes to quality business exit.  Our vision is to create an organization that will set the quality standard for Business Intermediation.  Our vision is to give you a thorough and professional experience and give you the best possible chance of reaching your hopes and dreams.

We meet with business owners well in advance of the planned exit and review goals and timelines.  We spend time analyzing the financials, the operational and legal structure, the history and the story of the business.  We use industry specific pricing data as well as sold comparables to value the enterprise and give the owner confidence when setting the price.  We then put together a robust marketing plan and a confidential prospectus that will assure maximum exposure while maintaining confidentiality.  We have unsurpassed systems, access to industry associations, social media, group listing services and multiple listing services.  We have incredible access to buyer and broker networks, online media and our related professional networks bring additional strength to our process.

We also have proven results. Ryan Gipple and Berkshire Business Sales & Acquisition has consistently ranked in the top five for total business sales over the last six years as awarded by the Arizona Business Brokers Association.


“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

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