Buy a CPA or Accounting Practice in Arizona

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Buy a CPA or Accounting Firm in Arizona with Berkshire

Are you strategically searching for an acquisition intended to grow your existing practice?  Are you a searching for a way to start your very first practice?  No matter what your desire we can help you uncover a path to make your goals come true.

We offer Buyer Search Services.  We can target the geographic location, annual revenues of CPA or accounting practices near you and other specific practice details and market directly to firms who are not yet for sale.  This allows you the first right of refusal on firms wanting to sell that meet your requirements and eliminates the rush to make an offer before you are ready.

It is our belief that practices that sell for a fair price and carry out successful transition plans have transparency from the start.  This transparency begins the trust building process that is so necessary in an accounting practice sale.

We will help you understand and mitigate the risks associated with purchasing an accounting practice.  Understanding the risks associated with retention, concentration, existing employees and non-competes as well as other contract issues can increase the chances of a successful purchase.

If you would like to discuss how we serve accounting and CPA practice buyers, please contact Ryan Gipple at 602-314-3583.

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