Scalability and the Greatest Value for Your Business Sale

Sell-ability 101 – Part 5

We’ve covered a good deal in our series, Scalability, Systems/Processes, Team and Talent, and of course, the ME business owner and his needs and failure in being the ME business owner. The ME business owner grows his business by adding to the number of hours worked in a week (Evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays are fine for the ME business owner) or the staff that are required to work those hours too. The ME Business owner thinks it feels good to be the answer person. Is this really the way to live?

Don’t you want to have flexibility in your life, freedom from the office, greater financial gain, and less anxiety in your life? I do and I think you do too. It’s time to begin the journey of becoming a company of GREAT VALUE. Its time to move forward in becoming:

  • Scalable
  • System and Process driven
  • A team developed and trained
  • And most importantly, FIT to SELL

Once the above items have been achieved, the business is prepared to explode in new growth locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. How can a small business achieve such success through systematization? It’s easy because it’s all based on a SYSTEM not an individual.

Once a business becomes a system or process company then replication or scalability can occur. Now think franchising, this is the epitome of systematization. I ran a company that franchised a concept nationally and we had processes and systems that exceeded 1,000 pages, which is common in business. Each job, each role, each person had specific requirements to perform in order to achieve success of the brand or the company. This allowed us to sell the company because we were FIT to SELL and you can be FIT to SELL too.

Call Brent (480) 250-6559 or via email, to get detailed assistance in building, streamlining, and developing your business to the point of being FIT to SELL.

Brent is the Founder of BounceU a children’s entertainment franchise system, entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant licensed in CA and Business Broker in the Phoenix area. He resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and children. Brent is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

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