Transferring Your Lease after a Business Sale

Business Lease

Selling a business involves more than just selling the name, equipment, inventory, goodwill, and clientele. In many cases, you will also be turning over the physical location of your business to the new owner. And if you have an active lease for the commercial space that you occupy, then the buyer will probably want to […]

When To Think About Selling Your Business

business for sale sign

If you have been in business for a while, you have probably found yourself wondering (at least occasionally) what things would be like if you were free of the stress of owning your business. Perhaps you are not as passionate about the business anymore, and running it is becoming more of a struggle. But maybe […]

Why the New Year is a Great Time to Sell Your Business

two men shaking hands and smiling

For many people, the New Year is a time for reflecting on where they are in their lives and creating resolutions in areas where they want to make improvements. This is also a time to consider pursuing new career opportunities or perhaps retirement. If this means the possibility of selling a business in your case, […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Business Broker

partial view of businessman shaking hands with woman

Selling a business is often a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, although some entrepreneurs have started and sold multiple businesses in their careers. This process can seem overwhelming for most owners with very little experience with the business sales process. A successful business sale starts long before the business is on the market. There is a lot of […]

What Are the Characteristics of a Serious Business Buyer

diverse business people smiling

Selling a business is very complicated transaction, and there are far more complexities involved with a transaction like this than something like residential property, for example. For business sellers, the process requires a lot of patience as you prepare for the sale and deal with prospective buyers. Few things try the patience of business owners […]

Common Mistakes Owners Make When Selling a Business

Sell a Business

When someone has owned and operated a business for a significant length of time, they will inevitably consider selling at some point. Maybe you are approaching retirement age, or maybe you are just looking for a change. Whatever your reason, it is very important to prepare ahead of time and enter the sales process with […]

The Most Common Mistake When Selling Your Accounting Practice or CPA Firm

Sell a CPA Firm

I get this question a lot from principals that are working through the process of exiting their accounting or CPA firm. There are many mistakes that can be made throughout the process, but I will discuss just one mistake that can impact your financial results significantly. Retention Is The Most Common Mistake The One Mistake […]

Strategies for Selling a CPA Firm

tax accountant advisor doing accounting

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our whole world upside down. Just a couple of months ago, the US had the strongest economy it had seen in decades, and it appeared as if things would remain this way for some time to come. Then suddenly, tens of thousands of “nonessential” businesses shut down and millions of […]

Negotiation Strategies for Business Sellers

business negotiations

Deciding to sell your business is a major step, and this is likely to be one of the largest (if not the largest) transactions you will ever make. One of the major keys to ensuring a successful sale is to know how to negotiate with prospective buyers. By having a negotiation strategy going in, you […]

Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Business

When it comes time to exit your business, you want to do so in a well thought out manner in order to maximize the value you will receive. You have poured your heart and soul into this, and you should receive the fruits of your labor. Some owners find out, however, that their business is […]

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