Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to adopt a grateful mindset and reflect on all the ways we have been blessed, especially as entrepreneurs. Millions of people dream of owning and operating their own business, but we are living it! This did not happen by accident; it came because of hard work, help from others such as mentors, financiers, family members, etc. and perhaps just being in the right place at the right time. And no matter where you are in your business today or where you think you should be, chances are you have much to be thankful for.

One of the best ways to give thanks in your business is to show appreciation to the people that keep your business running and that is your employees. Appreciating your employees has its rewards. As your employees feel valued, they will value your business more by improving their performance, which will help your business valuation in the event you decide to sell your business. Here are 4 ways to show your employees you appreciate the hard work they do for you:

Lighter Holiday Season Workloads: While it is true that you want your business to be as productive as possible year round, it is likely you can afford to give your employees a little extra time off during the holiday months. They will appreciate the extra time to spend with their families and you will have a much happier employee. Granted, this will not work in every industry; for retail stores, it’s “all hands on deck” during the holidays. So if you own a retail shop of any kind, you may want to consider doing this during a slower time of the year.

Personalized Gifts: If you own a large corporation with hundreds of employees, this idea may not be practical. But if you run a small business with around 50 employees or less, think about giving something other than the standard $50 restaurant gift card. Find out what your employees are really into and give a specialized gift they will appreciate. For example, an outdoors person might appreciate a pair of hiking boots while an avid reader might like a couple best-selling books from Amazon. The point is to show your employees that you value them as individuals by giving a gift that reflects their personal interests.

A Holiday Party: Nothing fosters teamwork more than having an off-work get together with your employees and their families. It is good to have outings with your workforce more than once during the year, but for sure during the holidays. Of course, not every business can afford an expensive venue with full decorations, fine dining and drinks. If you are on a budget, host the party at your office and make it pot luck. Your employees will still appreciate the time of sharing and fellowship.

Simple Acknowledgements: If all else fails, there is absolutely no excuse for not sending a personal acknowledgment thanking your employees for their hard work. You may do this electronically via social media (such as Facebook or Twitter) or a hand written note. Whichever way you decide to communicate it, make sure the note is personal, discussing each employee’s specific contribution to your success.

There is no doubt that a more appreciated workforce helps foster a more successful business. Someday, you may be talking with a business broker about selling your business and retiring or changing careers. When that day comes, you will appreciate the fact that you have loyal and productive employees that make your business more attractive to prospective buyers.

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