Earn Out Transactions on Accounting Practice Sales

Should earn out transactions be allowed in the deal? As a specialty broker for accounting practice sales and CPA practice sales, we get to look at each transaction and understand the impact from both sides. There is nothing more obvious in accounting practice sales than the fact that buyers and sellers are on opposite sides […]

Important Considerations when Valuing a CPA Firm for Sale

Selling an accounting practice is a complex endeavor. The typical sales process will involve several steps over the course of multiple months before the transaction is completed. One of the most important factors in the success of a CPA practice sale is placing a proper value on the firm. If the price is too high, […]

Accounting Practice Sales and Employment Agreements

The sale of most CPA and accounting firms are subject to a contract clause referred to as retention. This clause protects the buyer if the clients do not transfer to the acquiring entity. The firms sell this way because there is often a very personal relationship between the exiting principal and the clients. For this […]

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