Questions to Ask When Considering Buying an Accounting Practice

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These days, the opportunities for accounting practices are virtually unlimited. Countless new businesses are forming every year, and this is likely to happen at an accelerated pace in the coming year as we continue to recover from the pandemic. CPAs can specialize in numerous ways as well, such as catering to specific industries or focusing […]

Preparing to Buy a CPA Practice

There are a number of steps to consider before buying a CPA or Accounting Practice. It is very hard to purchase a CPA or Accounting practice in a metro area. Some things to consider: demand is strong, there are always multiple buyers, and usually, there are multiple offers on these practices. So, how do you […]

Things to Know When Buying an Accounting Firm or Tax Service Business

Starting a New Business

If you are a CPA looking to have your own practice, you may be thinking about starting an accounting firm or purchasing an existing firm or tax service. There are risks associated with either route you take, but generally, most people prefer to buy an existing practice that has all the essential pieces already in […]

Is it Worthwhile to Buy a Business

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As the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) winds down, the US economy is opening back up. No one is entirely sure what the world will look like in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but we do know that things will not be back to “normal” for a while. There are certain to be some permanent societal […]

Important Tips for Buying a Business

Buying a business can be one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors an individual can undertake. If you have the financial resources or access to financing, purchasing an existing business is generally a much better option than starting one from scratch. By getting into an established business, you are able to bypass the months […]

What is the Best Way To Start a New Business

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to own your own business in the near future, now is a great time to take action on that goal. Overall, the economy remains strong, and there are many sectors that are experiencing healthy growth. This provides ample opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on the current […]

Pros and Cons of Starting a Business or Buying a Business

There are numerous ways to become an entrepreneur in today’s information age. For example, there are countless businesses that can be started in industries that did not even exist a decade or two ago. In fact, there are so many options, finding the right business is often one of the biggest challenges. When it comes […]

Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

Becoming a business owner is a major step. If you get into the right business, it could be one of the greatest decisions you ever make. However, the wrong business can produce the opposite effect – leading to misery and most likely an early exit. Before jumping in, it is important to perform your due […]

Tips for Finding a Business Owner Trying to Sell

Buying an existing business that is already successful is one of the best ways to become your own boss. Existing businesses offer a major advantage over starting from scratch because they are already established and have proven that they can compete effectively within the marketplace. The challenge to buying an established business is finding an […]

Three Important Considerations when Buying a CPA Practice

Buying into a new business can be an exciting time in your life. Often, just the thought of owning and operating a business and being your own boss can keep you up at night (in a good way). Often times, the emotional aspect of a business acquisition can cloud a person’s judgment and cause them […]

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