Selling Your Business

Our step by step, client centric process will guide you on your successful business exit.


Step One

We like this step to be a face-to-face visit, where we can get to know each other and begin the process of establishing trust. We ask you to tell us about your business and we help you to understand the process and the key components of the process and timeline.

Step Two

After signing a non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality, we will request a number of items to value your business for sale and further discuss your goals and dreams for this transaction. This formal opinion of value is important because it gives you information and tools with which you can then make decisions. We use industry specific data sources and comparable sales as well as margin review and current economic conditions to value your company.

Step Three

We continue the discussions about how value and goals are coming together. We discuss marketing plans and agree to move forward through a listing agreement.

Step Four

We develop a customized business prospectus that we will use as a marketing document to send to potential buyers. This robust prospectus will cover the “story” of your business. How it was built and how it operates today. It will be complete with all of the historical sales and financial information, but also marketing, operations, competition, management, and employees and the general infrastructure of the business.

Step Five

We confidentially list your business on multiple business listings sites. This is important because many will just list your business on one site because of listing costs. Each site we list on increases the buyer pool from which we will select a buyer. We list on between four and six listing sites and we monitor these listing sites for traffic on a regular basis. We also engage in other marketing activities as we have previously discussed.

Step Six

We handle all communications and the qualification process for potentials buyers who want to consider a sale. Each of them must sign a confidentiality agreement and a non-disclosure agreement prior to any proprietary information being shared and must “qualify” according to how you have set up the qualification process.

Step Seven

At some point in this process, we will find a buyer or multiple buyers who would like to make an offer. We help you negotiate that offer and work either with your team of advisors or we can suggest advisors to help with taxes and the legal aspect of the sale.

Step Eight

We help you through all of the negotiation including escrow closing process and the effective transfer/transition of the business.


We have helped many on the path to exit and have many testimonials that will help you to see that we do what we say, and that we do it with precision and vigor. If you are considering a sale, please feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss.


Ryan Gipple – 602-614-3583

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