Reasons to Consider a Mobile App for Your CPA Firm

The digital landscape is rapidly changing. For example, today, more than half of all internet connections are made via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. In this increasingly mobile society, it is important for an accounting firm to adapt to these changes, so you can more easily engage your target audience. Business Valuation

Google has already made it public that as of April 21, 2015, websites that are not mobile-friendly are penalized in the search results. So at the very least, your present website needs to have a version that is responsive and easily viewable on all devices. However, there are some valid reasons to consider going beyond that and developing a custom mobile app for your firm. These include:

Greater Visibility

Studies show that Americans spend an average of around 2 ½ hours a day on their mobile devices. While on their tablet or smartphone, they are continually flipping through screens and opening up various individual apps. If your app is one of them, you are visible daily to your clients. This keeps your firm in the front of their minds, even when they do not have your app opened.

Easier to Market to Your Clients

Apps can be used for numerous purposes, such as to provide an easy way for clients to access their accounts, provide updates, send out newsletters, and dispense general information. The best part is they can be sent through push notifications, which are similar to receiving texts. Just be sure not to overuse this feature, or it could backfire and clients may uninstall the app.

Better Client Engagement

Apps not only make it easy to communicate with clients, they also make it easy for clients to communicate with you. Instead of having to log onto your website, fill out an online contact form, etc. all they need to do is open the app, and everything can be at their fingertips. This makes it convenient for clients, builds loyalty, and helps foster long-term relationships.

Easier to Build your Brand

Having a mobile app helps you stand out from your competition and establish your brand within the marketplace. Apps are still relatively rare within the accounting industry, so having one helps position you as a thought leader in your local market and area of specialty.

Increased Resale Value

At some point, there will come a time when you are ready to either sell your firm or turn it over to the next generation. If you plan to sell to an outside party, having a mobile app and the accompanying benefits has the potential to add major value to your firm. Any business broker will tell you that positive distinguishers make it easier to more quickly attract a buyer who is willing pay what your practice is worth.

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