What Makes Your Business Unique For Sale?

There are numerous attributes that can help your business stand out in a crowd. Of course, the numbers are always important (particularly your profit and loss statement), but the value of your business goes beyond just the numbers. If you were looking to attract a buyer, for example, there are several other factors they would examine. Taken together, you may refer to these as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP); in other words, the factors that distinguish you in your industry and marketplace. Sell a Business

Here are some of the important areas a buyer would look at to evaluate your business:

Brand: You may not have a nationally known brand such as McDonald’s or Coca Cola, but is your name known in your local area and industry? If you are a well-established company that has done reputable business in a certain region for several years, it is likely your brand adds significant value to your business.

Market Penetration: If you have a strong product/service offering and an effective marketing strategy, you are likely to have good market share within your industry and region. And if you are the market leader with your particular product or service, this is an advantage that is difficult for your competition to overcome.

Customer/Client List: A loyal base of repeat customers/clients is important to any business. Whether you deal with transactional (one-time) sales or residual (recurring) purchases, your business is far more valuable if you have regular customers. And if you have a list of customers you can continually market to, this is even better.

Competitive Advantages: One major advantage that can boost the value of your business is to be able to offer your products/services for lower prices than your competitors. This can be accomplished by having long-term low prices locked in for expenses such as office rent, and strategic (and preferably exclusive) partnerships with ancillary businesses that can help enhance your offerings. Walmart is a prime example of a company that has formed numerous partnerships with suppliers to buy exclusively and in large volume to achieve very low prices.

Intangibles: There are other intangible areas of a business that are unique and can make you stronger. Examples include patents, copyrights, and proprietary software or processes. Having intangibles that make you unique put your business in a strong position to be successful long-term.

Barriers to Entry: How difficult is it for competitors to enter your market? In some industries, barriers to entry are very high. For example, if you are a franchise owner with an exclusive territory, no one else can enter your market under the particular brand you are representing. Professionals such as CPAs, attorneys and medical professionals also have a major advantage because of licensing requirements that keep the majority of entrepreneurs from being able to start a competing firm.

If you are considering selling your business in the future, the best move is to first speak with a business intermediary that is familiar with your industry. A reputable business broker can help identify your unique selling points and ways to highlight these points to potential buyers. They can also ensure that your business is marketed confidentially to the widest possible target market, thus maximizing your chances of receiving a price you will be happy with.

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