Gift Ideas for CPAs

We are well into the holidays, and most people are in a rush to get some of their last minute shopping done. But there are always a couple people on your list that are nearly impossible to buy for; they already have “everything”, they do not collect a lot of “stuff”, or they are just a little “different.” Accountants very often fit into one of these categories. Christmas Presents for CPAs

If one of the people left on your shopping list happens to be a CPA, here are some gift ideas they are sure to love:

Customized Clothing: These days, it is easier than ever to purchase shirts and sweaters with personal text on them. Most major malls have a shop or two that will print up a shirt on demand with a name and/or message.

Cuff Links: Cuff Links are another way to show CPA pride. An example is one that proudly displays the message “Trust Me I’m An Accountant”.

Coffee Mugs: Most accountants drink coffee, so they are sure to appreciate a personalized coffee mug with their name on it or some type of CPA slogan such as “You Can Count on Me.” These can usually be obtained fairly easily at a local mall.

Card Holder: These useful office items can benefit every CPA and they can keep them right on his/her desk. It is a personalized desk nameplate with a built in cardholder. So instead of trying to fit all their clients’ business cards in their wallet or some other inconvenient place, they can organize them right on their desk within arm’s length of their work space.

CPA Patron Saint Jewelry: If the accountant on your list happens to be Catholic, he/she might appreciate a necklace, bracelet or other piece of jewelry inscribed with the image of the patron saint of accountants; St Matthew. You may remember from the Bible that Matthew was a tax collector before he encountered Christ. According to the Church, he is now the advocate up in heaven for tax professionals today.

The Name and Number of a Local Business Broker: You knew this was coming because we had to throw in a plug for our services, but this is actually a very practical gift. If the CPA in your life is thinking about retiring and/or changing careers in the near future, they will need a business intermediary that specializes in the buying and selling of accounting practices. It just so happens that we fit that bill perfectly. Send your CPA friend over to us for a free consultation and we’ll put them on the road to a smooth and successful career transition.

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