Claim Your Independence by Becoming your Own Boss

America is a place where freedom reigns and one of the greatest blessings we have is the opportunity to create our own destiny. Great American success stories are legion; and they involve individuals of all income levels with nothing more than a dream and the motivation to go out and realize that dream.

Though our economy is not yet where we would like it to be, the American Dream is as alive today as it ever was. In our fast-moving electronic age, there are more opportunities out there for aspiring entrepreneurs than at any time in history. All it takes is determination and some direction and virtually anyone can become their own boss.

There are several advantages to being your own boss. Here are just a few of them:

Freedom to be Creative: When you work for someone else, you must operate under his or her rules and regulations. Though these rules can be very helpful in providing structure, they can also be limiting for those who habitually think ‘outside the box’ and continually look for ways to do things faster, smarter and better. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to try out new approaches and come up with new ways to better serve your customers/clients.

Better Earning Potential: It is certainly true that many entrepreneurs incur financial losses, especially during the early stages of their venture. However, when given a proven business model and the determination to persist through the hard times, many entrepreneurs also succeed beyond what they ever imagined. The bottom line is when you are your own boss you are in far greater control of your financial future. This can be a blessing or a curse; it is up to you to decide which it will be in your case.

Control of Your Own Schedule: There is nothing like the freedom to decide when (and how often) you want to work. Having your own business allows you to control what time you will begin and end your work day. This gives you the flexibility to schedule your work around the other critical areas of your life, such as taking care of family.

Becoming an entrepreneur is definitely not for everyone. Some prefer the structure of a set work schedule and the predictability of a steady paycheck. For those who are disciplined and determined to create their own path, owning your own business provides that opportunity. One word of caution though; not all business models are created equal. The best place to begin your search for entrepreneurial freedom is by speaking with a business broker that is familiar with a wide range of industries and can help match your skills and passion with a business opportunity that has a better chance of success.

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