Common Myths When Selling an Accounting Practice

Selling a CPA practice is typically a once in a lifetime event. This is the culmination of several years (or even decades) of hard work; and after having poured your life into your practice, you want to receive the value you deserve at exit time. Because so few owners have any experience with accounting practice […]

How to Pre-Qualify Prospective Buyers for Your CPA Practice

Selling a CPA practice can be a full-time job in and of itself. Once you have made the decision to exit your practice, you must spend several months preparing for the sale. This includes organizing your financials, ramping up client acquisition, and other activities that will maximize the value of your firm. When the time […]

How to Find Serious Buyers When Selling Your CPA Practice

At some point, most CPAs reach the point when it is time to sell their practice. Retirement, health or family issues, whatever the case may be, if you do not already have a successor, there will come a time when you need to look for a buyer. If you are just in the early stages […]

How to Prepare a CPA Practice for Sale

Selling your CPA practice is a major step. Putting your accounting firm up for sale involves proper planning to ensure you receive a good price for what is probably your most valuable asset. Ideally, the preparation time for a business sale should be at least a year or two. There are instances when circumstances dictate […]

Measuring the Value of an Accounting Firm for Sale

With the Baby Boomers retiring, there are CPA practices for sale throughout the country. This is good news for aspiring accounting entrepreneurs that want to own their own firms, because it is generally less risky to buy into an established practice than to try to build one from scratch. Your chances of success are much […]

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