What Makes a Merger Different From An Acquisition?

You usually hear these terms together as a single phrase: “mergers and acquisitions” – but that’s really quite misleading.  It’s not like “hop, skip, and jump” or “ranting and raving”’; it’s usually more like “renting and buying” – two entirely different activities that happen to be mentioned together. Here’s what makes a merger different from […]

Differentiation in the M&A Market for Accounting and CPA Firms

The accounting and CPA acquisition market has officially shifted from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. There are still buyers out there, but the industry has seen a great metamorphosis with the aging boomer population and several rough years in the industry.  If you intend on using a merger or acquisition to transition, it is […]

Financial Considerations of Purchasing a CPA Practice

Smart Money Week is a good time to examine the financial considerations of purchasing an accounting practice. Because CPA practices have a seasonal aspect to them, it is important that when entering the business, you will be in a financial position to be profitable not just for 4 months out of the year, but for […]

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