Lucrative Businesses to Start in the New Year

2017 has seen resurgence in the U.S. economy. In the past year, the stock market is up more than 25%, and GDP growth exceeded 3% for the Second and Third quarters, the first time we have seen two consecutive quarters of 3% + growth since 2014. The numbers are not in yet for the final […]

Can You Purchase a Business With No Money Down

Millions of aspiring entrepreneurs have a dream of being in business for themselves. In today’s economy, however, it can be difficult to put aside enough money to get started. In general, it is better to buy into an existing business rather than start one from scratch. Here are a few reasons why: Existing businesses have […]

Top 8 Most Profitable Small Business Industries

Sageworks, the highly respected financial data company, has released its analysis of the most profitable industries in the United States and a separate list that focuses on small business industries with annual revenues of under $5 million. We will take a closer look at the top 8 industries on the small business list. You can […]

Important Considerations When Purchasing a CPA Firm

There are several potential advantages to buying an existing accounting firm rather than starting one from scratch. With an existing firm, much of the risk and future uncertainty is eliminated and there is already a proven business, which you can take over. And with the “proof of concept” phase already behind you and the basic […]

5 Important Considerations before Buying a Business

Becoming a business owner can be the fulfillment of a dream, or the beginning of a nightmare. So when you are considering purchasing an existing business, how do you know if it is a good investment? This can only be uncovered by doing your due diligence. When investigating the viability of the business you are […]

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