Accounting Practice Valuation Details

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Most practicing accountants have heard about one-time gross. This is the average multiple for which accounting firms have sold for many years. One can determine accounting practice valuation by pulling practice comparable sales for the last ten years, and the average will be one time gross. While most industries sell as a function of profit […]

How to Value Your Business for Sale

There are several reasons business owners may need to sell. Some examples include health concerns, retirement, relocating to a new area, or changing careers. Whatever the reason, it is important to plan the sale early and take steps to maximize the value of your company. When it comes to placing a value on your business, […]

Unique Factors that Enhance the Value of a Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to distinguish yourself from similar businesses. Carving out a unique niche within the market not only makes a business more profitable, it also increases its value when it comes time to sell. There are several attributes that make a business unique and more attractive to potential buyers, here […]

What Goes into a Business Valuation?

If you are hoping to sell your business in the near future, it is important to have a good idea of how much it is worth. Unfortunately, the business owner is usually not the best person to determine this value. He/she is too close and has too much invested in the business (both financially and […]

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