10 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Sell

Sell A CPA Firm

If selling a business was easy, there would be no need for business brokers. Even when you involve a broker, there are several factors to consider to help improve the chances for the optimal terms of your sale. Below are 10 reasons that we have seen businesses not sell – on both the buyer and […]

Tips for Selling a Business Successfully

Selling a business is one of the most difficult decisions an owner will ever make. A business that they have spent years or decades building and have put their hearts into is hard to leave behind. The transaction itself can also be a lengthy process that many owners are not ready for. This is why […]

How Will Tax Reform Impact Selling a Business

Just days before Christmas 2017, the U.S. Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most sweeping tax reform legislation since the 1980s. This bill contains major changes to the tax code, and many of these changes are permanent. Overall, most Americans will pay lower taxes under this reform, and a much larger percentage […]

How to Exit From Your Franchise Successfully

In America, we celebrate our freedoms and independence. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs feel anything but independent from the burden of a franchise they regret buying into. In general, franchising is a great way to get into a proven business model with the backing and support of a regional or national brand. However, sometimes the situation just […]

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