Creating Goals for Your Business

The beginning of the New Year is the most popular time for individuals to set goals. We usually refer to these as New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, most people are not too good at keeping their personal resolutions. This is mainly because they are usually too vague, there is no clear plan to follow to achieve […]

Tips for Finding a Business Owner Looking to Sell

Buying an existing business that is already successful is one of the best ways to become your own boss. Existing businesses offer a major advantage over starting from scratch because they are already established and have proven that they can compete effectively within the marketplace.  The challenge to buying an established business is finding an […]

Opportunity to have your Business Sales and Acquisitions Questions Answered

What does a business broker do that I couldn’t do selling my business myself: Selling a business of any kind is a complicated transaction involving a number of variables and ‘moving parts.’ Selling on your own can be risky, because key issues may not end of being addressed and/or you may not end up receiving […]

Why Berkshire Sales and Acquisition Should Be YOUR Business Intermediary

Thorough Planning: We started Berkshire with a vision to set the standard for quality and excellence in the business intermediary industry. We have always understood that the cornerstone of a successful win-win business transaction is preparation and planning. Entrepreneurs need to receive a fair price for their business, but the deal must make sense for […]

Using An Intermediary In A Third Party Sale

So what if you’ve never sold a business before? Who better to lead the sale process than the guy who knows far more about the business than anyone else? Who better to steer the ship than the gal who knows exactly what she wants from the sale of a business? Before you answer, pause for […]

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