How A Business Broker Can Help with a Business Sale

There are many business owners that are looking to move on from owning a business for various reasons. Selling a business is not as easy as many people believe. Owners often attempt to sell their business on their own, and they quickly find out that it can be a challenge to attract a qualified buyer […]

When to Tell Employees and Customers About a Business Sale

Selling a business is a major decision that takes a lot of thought and pre-planning. You must prepare for the sale well in advance to ensure that you have all your ducks in a row. One of the major issues that inevitably arises when you prepare to sell a business is what to disclose and […]

Earn Out Transactions on Accounting Practice Sales

Should earn out transactions be allowed in the deal? As a specialty broker for accounting practice sales and CPA practice sales, we get to look at each transaction and understand the impact from both sides. There is nothing more obvious in accounting practice sales than the fact that buyers and sellers are on opposite sides […]

Common Questions Business Owners Ask About the Selling Process

Selling a business can be a lengthy and complex process. Before you even begin, you need to prepare for the sale by making sure your business is ready to attract your targeted buyers. During the process, there are several steps that must be taken to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful transaction. Along the […]

Important Exit Planning Steps When Selling a Business

Entrepreneurs love the challenge and reward of building a successful business. The moment the company starts to turn a healthy profit, the countless days working long hours and giving up weekends and holidays become worthwhile. But during this process, business owners often fail to consider their exit strategy and using a business intermediary can provide […]

Is Summer a Good Time to Sell My Business

Selling a business is one of the most important transactions most people will ever make. In order to sell promptly and for top dollar, it is important to be well prepared ahead of time. Some owners wonder if there is a right time or season to start the process. And as we are in the […]

Future Looks Bright for Smaller Accounting Firms

There are over 40,000 CPA firms in the United States, and the vast majority of them would be classified as small firms; meaning they have revenues of under $3 million. A lot has been made in recent years of mergers and acquisitions among the handful of larger accounting firms, but these transactions are occurring for […]

A Sellers Market for CPA & Accounting Practices

The best time to sell your CPA or Accounting practice has mostly to do with the external factors in your life. Your health, your life/work balance, your spouse’s retirement, financial commitments, and retirement plans all determine when its time. In some cases, I talk with practitioners for years and each year they decide to go […]

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