CPA & Accounting Practice Sales

Let Berskhire be your partner on the path to a successful accounting practice exit.

Selling Your CPA or Accounting Practice

Thinking of selling your practice but don’t know where to start.  Our brokers have years of experience and success in accounting practice valuation and sale.  We differ in our approach and results. And we sell more CPA and Accounting firms in the Phoenix Arizona Metro area than anyone else.

We have local representation in your market and will be at every meeting.  A knowledgeable and experienced “accounting practice” intermediary will take the time to meet with you, understand your goals, and walk you through each step in the process.

We complete a thorough evaluation of your practice and recommend valuation ranges.  Most practices sell for a multiple of their gross re-occurring revenue but there are a number of factors in accounting practices that can cause a practice to swing widely in the valuation range.

We maximize the buyer pool through a number of different strategies.

We confidentially list the practices for sale on a nationwide network.

We have an aggressive co-broke policy which allows other brokers to bring qualified buyers to view our confidential listings.

We have an incredibly strong local network of CPAs and Accountants in the Phoenix Arizona market.

We have testimonials as well as CPAs and Accountants all across Arizona who use our service.  You can see testimonials online and actually speak with past clients to gain confidence in our approach, integrity and success.

We will meet with you and provide exit planning advice even if you are still several years away from exit but want to know what you can do to enhance your firm’s value.

Many contracts to purchase a practice carry a retention clause.  For this reason, we will help coach you and show you how a robust transition plan can stack the odds of success.

We focus on you, your practice and your goals.  A confidential marketing prospectus will be created just to cover the details of your practice and the goals you have in selling it.  This prospectus ensures that we are not wasting your time bringing buyers to you that are not qualified to purchase or have goals that differ from yours.

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