Financing the Sale of a CPA Practice with an SBA Loan

If you own a CPA practice, at some point, you will be looking to sell and move on. This is the position many Baby Boomers are in today. Whether you want to sell the practice to another partner or employee, a family member, or list it for sale to the general public, one of the […]

CASHFLOW, it’s really, really important

In Real Estate, the saying is LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION. Now that saying is definitely true but how about in business? Well it’s partially true, location is very important to a business, however, I would say the real item of concern to every business is CASHFLOW, CASHFLOW, CASHFLOW. We have all heard that “Cash is […]

What are the Best Financing Options to Purchase a CPA Practice?

There’s no doubt that now is a great time to purchase a CPA practice. The tax laws have never been more complicated, and businesses will increasingly seek out the advice of CPA’s to keep their tax liabilities lower. Furthermore, there is an abundance of CPA practices available right now due to demographic trends – accountants […]

Financing the Purchase of an Accounting or CPA Practice

Many CPAs and accountants ask me if there are financing packages available to purchase a new CPA firm.  There are multiple ways to finance the purchase of a CPA practice but the two most common are Seller Carry and SBA (Small Business Administration) financing. Below, I will describe each method. Seller Carry In a seller […]

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