The Importance of Having a Business Succession Plan

CPA Succession

You’ve worked hard and spent the better part of your life building your business. Your years of work have paid off, and you have created a successful enterprise that has provided you with a good quality of life. But as you come closer to the day when it will be time to exit your business, […]

CPA and Accounting Practice Succession in 2019 – Part 4 of 4

There are 3 previous blogs related to this final blog on CPA succession in 2019 and beyond.  This final blog will provide a checklist, so to speak of the different ways one should prepare and plan for succession.  Mergers have become the preferred method for buyers who generally provide some cash to the selling firm […]

CPA and Accounting Practice Succession in 2019 – Part 3 of 4

Parts one and two of this series have focused on how succession (mergers & acquisitions) will be affected in 2019 by the rapidly changing CPA environment.  We discussed small firms defined as $1,000,000 or less in revenue and how the demand for these firms will remain strong in 2019 and beyond.  We also discussed how […]

CPA and Accounting Practice Succession in 2019 – Part 2 of 4

In part one of this blog, we discussed how we believe that small CPA firms will remain in a seller’s market in 2019 and why.  The nature of small firms, which we described as less than $1,000,000 with a single partner, carry a very different buyer pool, risk profile and complexity.   This creates a completely […]

CPA and Accounting Practice Succession in 2019 – Part 1 of 4

The M&A world for CPA firms should continue to be strong in 2019.  In a recent article in Accounting Today a panel of experts weighed in with their thoughts and predictions for 2019 and beyond.  The overview on the market was that 2019 should be a very active year as the baby boomer population retires […]

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