Are You Sitting on Untapped Business Investment Capital

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Many individuals would like to go into business for themselves, but they lack the capital to get started. This is especially true if they are trying to purchase an existing business or get into an established franchise brand. These options typically require at least a six-figure investment, which is beyond the reach for a lot […]

How to Capitalize On Business Opportunities

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As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak forced the temporary closure of millions of “nonessential” businesses throughout the country. We had hoped that they would only stay closed for a couple of weeks, but unfortunately, many have not fully reopened to this day. This has resulted in numerous businesses that have had to shut their […]

Habits to Make Your Business More Successful

Cultivating good habits for a successful business is very important. Entrepreneurs who are disciplined and do the right thing at the right time run successful businesses. To achieve success in your business, your work ethic has to be strong, because your thoughts and actions are a major determinant of what you can achieve. There are […]

Franchising vs Starting a Business from Scratch

Owning a business can be exciting and many individuals dream of owning their own business. While pursuing this dream, however, there are several obstacles that must be overcome. One of the first is deciding the best way to get into a business in the first place. During the startup phase, two of the most popular […]

Why Your Brand is Critical to the Survival of Your Business

In today’s competitive marketplace, business owners are struggling like never before to stay afloat. In fact, a recent Gallup survey found that for the first time in 35 years, there are now more American businesses closing than opening. This is a very disturbing trend that must be reversed in short order for our economy to […]

Buy Nothing Day – And Focus on Building your Business Instead

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as “Black Friday”, has been designated as “Buy Nothing Day”, a day of international protest against the consumerism that surrounds the holiday season. In recent years, the protests have grown as more retailers have chosen to open up on Thanksgiving evening, leaving very little time for store employees to […]

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